Pure Meditation Foundation and Mindfulness 5-week evening course

5-week meditation & mindfulness courses are held on a regular basis throughout the year and bookings are being taken now for the next Course which will run on the following dates:  Tuesday 22nd & 29th January,  5th & 12th February 2019.  The fifth and final session is on Tuesday 12th March 2019.  As this will be a small group, early booking is advised.

This course is a complete practice in itself, and a first-step towards in-depth Pure Meditation.  (Please see below).

Venue is Stradbrook Road, Blackrock.

Time:  7.30 – 9.15pm

Full cost including the recommended course book is €115.   Also included are ongoing and free of charge meditation evenings each week.

Early booking is advised as classes are small so that each person receives what they need.

Please see the Pure Meditation Foundation page for full details of the course content.

Contact Bernadette McPhillips on  087 132 8579 with any queries and to book your place.

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Pure Meditation is a life-transforming, depth meditation of great beauty and richness.  It is the ultimate Course for the whole being: mind, body and spirit – and is for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.  Realise your deepest self, and bring Love, Peace, Joy and Fulfilment to all aspects of your life.

This Course is taught in small groups, and will help you to learn how to master your mind and energies in today’s challenging world.

Pure Meditation – Mindfulness and Beyond

Please contact Bernadette McPhillips on   087 132 8579 for more details.

Relaxation, Visualisation and Meditation sessions

These are wonderful opportunities to find deep relaxation in a small group and include gentle Yoga stretches & Asanas to unwind, followed by a 20-minute guided visualisation to let go and relax deeply, finishing with meditation together to find deep peace within.

Teaching is given in small groups – please enquire if you would like a session for your group.


Call Bernadette on   087 132 8579 to book your place and for more information.  As numbers are limited it is advised to book early.


Stress Management & Energy Care  (also at Festina Lente Centre, Bray)

Life is very busy for many people, with often conflicting demands upon time and energy.  How do you find the time for yourself?   This Course looks at the various causes of stress in our lives, the effects, and ways in which we can make changes so that stress and challenges can be managed better.  Simple and practical tools will be given which help bring calm and balance, as well as to conserve energy.  Learn how to enjoy life more with greater peace and balance, no matter what your circumstances.

This one-day course will give the opportunity to explore, gain greater understanding and leave with tools to help greatly in everyday life.  Humour and enjoyment will play a part too!

Please enquire about the next course

Please phone Bernadette McPhillips ( for more information and to book your place on   087 132 8579


Being Still and Mindful (a course in mindfulness for 8-12 year olds)

Bernadette McPhillips of Dublin Healing offers this course to young children, to help them towards mindfulness in their lives, and to give them ways of understanding their feelings and how to deal with them.  A simple meditative practice is taught with practical applications for school, home, sleep and leisure activities.

Teaching is in small groups.

The duration of the first session is 45 minutes, with the follow-up taking place soon after, again for 45 minutes.

This course can be provided in school term-times or holidays.

Venue can be a school or at Dublin Healing’s practice at Stradbrook Road, Blackrock.

Please enquire about your own individual children’s needs, or a school class.


Would you like to have less stress or worry and more enjoyment in each day?

Then this one-day course in Holistic Energy Care may be for you.

This is a course which gives the opportunity to look at the causes of energy depletion in our lives, and the effects on health and wellbeing.

We look at many positive and very helpful, immediate and simple techniques and tools to help protect energy so that there is plenty for all that you need to do in the day, as well as enough left over for personal life, relationships and leisure!

Many very interesting and relevant topics are explored, in an uplifting and understanding atmosphere, where each participant is helped to receive all that they individually need.

Please see here for more details about how this course can help you Holistic Energy Care

The course is taught in small groups or one a one-to-one basis.

Contact Bernadette McPhillips on  087 132 8579 for more details and to discuss your needs – whether a group or individual – so that I may let you know the dates of the next course most appropriate for you.














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