Holistic Energy Care

Are you a people worker? Do you feel you have to give too much in your daily occupation? Would you like to be able to live life more harmoniously alongside the problems and challenges which inevitably face us in life? Do you wish to learn techniques for coping with stress? Then Holistic Energy Care can help you!

Holistic Energy Care & stress managementDublin Healing’s approach to stress management involves considering different ways of looking after our energy – mind, body and spirit.

This means that whatever our individual situation in life, we are able to give 100% to it, whilst at the same time achieving balance so that there is plenty of energy left to enjoy family, relationships and leisure.



Stress Management

During our Stress Management sessions we look at:


  • The effects of too much stress on our physical and emotional wellbeing and how to address these
  • How to live life alongside problems and challenges
  • Working with them in the wisest way possible that is right for each individual
  • How to be more in the present moment (instead of living in the past or future)
  • Reducing worry and fear
  • How to enhance own inner wisdom
  • Maintaining boundaries at work/home
  • The part that meditation and relaxation play
  • Bringing more fun, humour and creativity into life
  • Enhancing energy so as to enjoy life to the full

In this more peaceful and positive frame of mind solutions often come to us more clearly, health and wellbeing are greatly improved and we are able to enjoy life much more.

Practical and very effective take home tools are taught to enhance this process and to bring relaxation and peace. Coping with stress becomes easier and natural with this sort of mindset and with these simple tools onhand.

Stress Management is taught in small groups so that the individual needs of each person may be met.

Course Titles include:-

‘No’ to Stress, ‘Yes’ to Fulflment

Coping Skills for Challenging Times,

Finding Inner Peace,

Caring for the Carer and

Making the most of your Challenges.

Workshops or day courses can be tailor-made to suit the needs of in-house corporate training programmes. Do inquire about your own particular needs.

Please see Pricing page for the charges currently available. Clinics are available in Blackrock Co. Dublin. You are very welcome to telephone for informal discussion about Stress Management and of your particular needs on 087 132 8579.

Email: info@dublinhealing.com

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