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A very special and unique opportunity to try a session of Progressive Counselling and Coaching – will take place on Saturday, 17th November, at Creagh Lower, Gorey, Co. Wicklow

This Day is being offered on a donation basis – (minimum recommended amount €20), so that each person may book their own individual slot to receive help with a problem or issue which is troubling them.

Please see the Progressive Counselling page on this website for more information about this very helpful therapy.

Bernadette McPhillips is a fully qualified practitioner with many years experience.  She runs a busy practice in Dublin and is now working part-time in Gorey also.

It is essential that bookings are made in advance of the day, by calling Bernadette on 087 132 8579.



This Talk will take place on Tuesday, 4th December at 7pm.   Early booking advised.

The Talk at Gorey Library will include positive tips and ideas, gained over the years of working with carers, as well as in training as a therapist.  There will be input as to the effects on physical and mental health of long-term caregiving, on personal relationships, engagement in social activity, self-development and fulfilment.

Various ideas and suggestions will be offered to help deal with the challenges, to find more balance, and of course, the participants are very welcome to offer their own suggestions and coping mechanisms which work well for them.

During the Talk a selection of tools and techniques will also be given, which are practical and simple to use, in daily life.  When used regularly, these help to be more calm and balanced, to be centred and grounded, stronger and to conserve precious energy.

The Talk will provide plenty of space for questions and practice of the tools and techniques.

The aim is that by the end of the session participants will feel some upliftment, the benefits of sharing experiences with others, and some new ideas to take away and help care for themselves with.


Bernadette McPhillips



Dublin Healing’s Open Healing Day which took place on Saturday, 21st October, 2017 was again a great success, with many people trying Natural Spiritual Healing for the first time and experiencing the wonderful healing benefits.  The next opportunity will take place in Autumn 2018.  

This day gives a great opportunity to try Natural Spiritual Healing, a gentle yet powerful healing energy which helps greatly with many physical and emotional difficulties.

The healing sessions are offered on the basis of donation, with a minimum recommended amount of €20 and all proceeds will go to the Registered Charity – SRMHC in Somerset UK.  An individual healing slot is booked in advance for each person, and so it is a very good idea to book your slot early to avoid disappointment.

Please see here for more information on Natural Spiritual Healing and the many ways in which it can help you:-     Natural Spiritual Healing

Call Bernadette McPhillips on 01 2145 964  or 087 132 8579 to book your place and for more information.


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